Ginger Meets Graham

"The pain now is part of the happiness then."


These past six months have been some of the happiest and most hopeful of my life. They've been filled with long phone calls, much laughter and tears, and the warmth of both body and soul, that only comes from the... Continue Reading →


Missing, Taking, & Mistaking: Time Doesn’t Forgive

It's senior year, and it's hit me hard:  life is full of opportunities I didn't take, opportunities I missed, and full of spaces with my mistakes. It's easy to be deceived that I'm perfect -- that somehow, I have a... Continue Reading →

The Girl In The Mirror

"Look at her! See yourself!" The coach's command are consistent. I'm trying... I'm pretty sure I'm lying to myself; I sense my coach sees the lie more blatantly than even I. The ascetically calming music blares into the violence of my discorded... Continue Reading →

Eating Disorder Recovery: An Open Letter

Dearest beloved darling one, Recovery is going to be hard. There will be days when the weight of your own legs seem like the poundage of the world, where you'll stare at your own reflection only to catch the wince... Continue Reading →

Breakups: Better Lover, Better Human

Nights of tears while my friends walked down the isle, eyes shining into the arms of their first and only love. I'd listen to vows, to speeches, to the confessions of how it was them, it was always them, and... Continue Reading →

What’s Beautiful?

I watched her. Somehow the edge of her wrist bone seemed magical as it swept through that long blonde streaked straight strands. The way her smile lit up every aspect of her eyes, and yet left a jawline crystal clear.... Continue Reading →

To Dance Is To Be

How to put words into something which can only be fully express with the emotion of a finger tip, the stirring stillness of perfect alignment, the strength and beauty of a body moving? To be honest, there really isn't words... Continue Reading →

Recovery When You Can’t Do It Anymore

My right hand is trembling -- unconscious effect of the anxiety that I can't formulate in words, just in wetness filling my eyes. I hug the limb close, tuck the tremors behind the left steady arm. "Annaliza!" The teacher's gaining... Continue Reading →

They Taught Me To Love : 4 Movies To Watch

In light of the recent writings on love, I've had several people asked me how I developed the way I view love and what influenced me. Besides lots of hard situations, lots of fantastic friendships, and the continue love of... Continue Reading →

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